Private Security in Ibiza.


If you are used to taking care of your safety in any part of the world but you are not planning to bring your own security, our company will be happy to provide you with the best security guards. We offer the services of highly trained security professionals that will guarantee your personal safety without irritating you by being everywhere you go. Our men are specially trained professionals that do not stick out of the crowd and act in a way that allows them to stay unnoticed. They will not disturb anyone else or attract attention to you or themselves.

Do you often combine vacation and work? Have you got something urgent going on? For businessmen who have planned a few lucrative deals for the time of their vacation, safety guards are indispensable people. Conduct business meetings and make deals without worrying about your personal safety. You can use this service not only in the hotels but also at night clubs, at business meetings and feel safe in any part of the island.

Well known people can hardly have a vacation with all the crazy fans and annoying paparazzi always around them. But that is not the case with our company. Just enjoy yourself and forget about the complications of being famous. Go deep inside the pleasant vibration of the island and let the muse visit you right there so the world can discover your next masterpiece.

Our safety guards have been specially trained and have a lot of experience with VIP clients that prefer to spend their vacation here in Ibiza. Your personal safety and the safety of your family during your vacation is in our hands.