Babysitting in Ibiza.

Welcome to all the parents travelling with their small children.

Planning our vacation, first of all we want to relax, regain our energy and make the most out of our time. Young mothers are not an exception – they would also love to enjoy themselves dancing, having a couple of cocktails and simply staying up all night in a noisy crowd. But it wont be possible to leave the dirty nappies, night crying and other “pleasant” chores at home.

Getting ready to travel with a baby, you come across a lot of questions. What to pack? Where is the baby going to sleep? How to feed the baby without a chair? Obviously you couldn’t pack all the necessary things in one bag and there is no need to as weare offering our babysitting services for travellers like you. Our babysitters are trained educators with a lot of experience in this area. We will also be able to provide you with everything your baby might need to feel comfortable.


Our goal is to make your stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible, even if you are travelling with small children. Take some time for yourself and remember when the last time you had a romantic dinner with candles and champagne was. Do you not remember? It means it´s time to enjoy the sunset at Cafe de Mar and spend the night together, only two of you, and the rest of the world can wait.


Our nanny will do her best taking care of your child – apart from all the necessary daily and night routines, our educator will be entertaining and playing with your child as well as taking him for walks. Meanwhile you can be at peace and go to the beach or clubbing all night long. Young parents know how to party! Especially if they are assisted by a professional babysitter. You can book a babysitter in advance, before coming to the island or during your vacation. We wish you a pleasant stay and hope Ibiza will become a truly ideal vacation destination for you and your family.