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  • If you are a first time traveler to Ibiza, don’t rush to narrow down the Island’s charm to the summer club parties it’s widely known for. As the third largest of Balearic Islands in Spain, Ibiza has a lot more to enchant you: a rugged coastline interspersed with dozens of sandy beaches, various UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the traditional countryside dotted by whitewashed villages…Take your pick among the highlights that any first time visitor wouldn’t want to miss!

    Es Vedra
    Located about 2km off the western coast of Ibiza, in the beautiful little bay of Cala d’Hort, the uninhabited island rock Es Vedra is a nature reserve, consisting predominantly of Mesozoic limestone of 400 m high with almost vertical sides. The mystical rock is said to have magical about it. Parking around the beach can be difficult, so set out early and experience the mysterious power of the rock.

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