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    If you snorkellers then Ibiza may be your perfect place.The water temperature in summer is Ibiza 28 ° C, and in winter drops to 14 ° C.Underwater visibility varies, but is typically 20-40 meters.By this you can see the beauty of the underwater world in vsei svoei glory.The best dive sites are located on the west of the island, although there are bays and reefs along the coast.Sand and pebble beach Cala d’Hort surrounded by beautiful hills, at one time it was a popular place for hippies.Directly opposite the beach is the legendary mystical island Es Vedra.

    Attracts the attention of lovers of modern underwater adventures to this corner of Ibiza and sunk in 2007 cargo ship “Don Pedro.” – that’s what Ibiza for diving
    The island has several diving schools, so that an experienced diver and novice will find your own version. You can go through the PADI and return to the island, with certain qualifications.
    If you decide to visit the underwater world, then contact us and we organezuem for you quickly and not expensive.

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