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    Active holiday in Ibiza – a celebration for the whole family we assure you will not be bored! Wonderful climate allows outdoor activities and engage in activities all year round. The very idea of exercise in the fresh air seems more than attractive. And fortunately active lifestyles to do here than almost ugodno.Ne important if you are traveling alone, with family or friends, here you can relax under the warm Spanish sun, or enjoy sports such as;




    -Water motorcycles

    We have years of experience, and easily organize your leisure in Ibiza so that it will become one of the most enjoyable and memorable adventure in your life.


    The sea is a vital element in Ibiza. Its situation, features, climate and fully equipped facilities make it the ideal place to do any type of sailing activities all year round.


    Its crystal-clear waters and a spectacular coastline over 200km in length mean that Ibiza is a popular place to go diving.

    Cycle Tours

    As well as having a cultural heritage recognised around the world and fantastic beaches, Ibiza is located in a unique natural setting. Subsequently, one of the best ways to enjoy its beauty is to tour it by bicycle.

    Horse Riding

    For those who are keen on horse-riding, there are various horse-riding centres.
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