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    At the start of summer, sipping a coffee during lunch break at work we tend to visualise and already enjoy ourselves lying on the beach and listening to the sound of the wind. Finally when our long-awaited vacation is near, we start packing our bags and planning the way we are going to spend each day in a chosen place. And when our friends and colleagues ask us “what are you going to do?” we say “relax”. But planning your vacation you need to make sure it is going to be filled with bright memories, for even those who only need the beach and the sea waves in order to relax would surely also like to visit the local attractions or go to a luxury nightclub. If you are choosing to spend your long-awaited vacation on the beaches of Ibiza, at Heaven of Ibiza we will be very happy to help you organise your leisure during your stay. We will help you with picking a tour, organising any event, be it a wedding, a birthday or another no less significant day in your life. You will also be able to find out about Ibiza´s different restaurants, nightclubs and spas. If you are travelling with your family and would like your children to be entertained, we can also help you with that. Those who enjoy active recreation and who find it difficult to stay still or lie on a beach all day, will surely like a sports section on our website, where you you can always find the things you like, be it horse riding, diving, paintball or jet ski. Despite the fact that the Spanish island is famous for its clubs and bustling nightlife, in addition to recreation and entertainment, Ibiza often hosts a variety of conferences, presentations and seminars. The first step in preparing an event like this is choosing a location of the right capacity. At this stage the company Heaven of Ibiza will be happy help you find the right place that will meet all your requirements and wishes, meanwhile you will be able to relax and plan your event, not having to tackle the location issue.


    Excursions. If you do not have time to see eshcho Ibiza Island vsei svaei krase.My offer you a tour of the island and visit the most famous places. (Es Vedra, Dalt Vila, Santa Eulalia, San Miguel, Las Salines, San Antonio, Formentera.) You will learn the history of the island, you will see spectacular scenery and […]


    Nightlife Nightlife in Ibiza On this island life has been simmering all day, but especially active and diverse nochyu.Eto it a paradise for lovers of entertainment just for every taste and request. Every year in search of new adventures come here many tourists from all mira.Stoit only darken as the streets are lit all lights, […]


    Sport Active holiday in Ibiza – a celebration for the whole family we assure you will not be bored! Wonderful climate allows outdoor activities and engage in activities all year round. The very idea of exercise in the fresh air seems more than attractive. And fortunately active lifestyles to do here than almost ugodno.Ne important […]

    Corporate event Ibiza

    Corporate event Ibiza Properly organized corporate holiday – the key to the success of any self-respecting company. First of all, image and corporate identity of your company. Corporate events contributes to the convergence and maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the team, rally your team, and will help to solve various organizational tasks. One of the […]
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