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    The sun and the sea are not the only reasons why crowds of tourists are still willing to put up with not the lowest of prices and long distances. Ibiza is a place of ongoing parties and entertainment, it is a real paradise for those who love to relax to the fullest.


    To improve the quality of your vacation we made a little analysis and concluded that the services we offer (photographer, personal security, cook, barman, babysitter, massage therapist, trainer, cameraman, transfer service, personal driver, individual guided tours) will help you relax and make the most of your stay on the island.



    Babysitting in Ibiza. Welcome parents traveling with small children. Our employee have a pedagogical education and considerable experience in this field.

    Camera Operator

    Cameraman . If you are planning a wedding, birthday, or just a party on Ibiza and want to remember for a lifetime, we will give you a professional cameraman who will arrange for you a great video of the same assembly.


    RESERVATIONS VIP TABLE We can take care of all bookings of VIP restaurants, beach clubs, bars feshin and, of course, take care of reservations VIP tables at all the clubs (Pacha, Amnesia, Ushuaia, HI, Lio, Cipriani, Blue Marlin, La Bomba, Privilege).


    Security in Ibiza. If you are used to take care of their security anywhere in the world, but carry with them no protection plan, our company is pleased to provide you the best in the business of security guards..


    Photographer in Ibiza. We will provide you a professional photographer that will take pictures of you with pleasure as well as the installation of photos, photo session (individual, family, children) a walk.

    Event Organization

    Event organization en Ibiza. We can help you host an event of any level of complexity, • wedding • birthday. • Private Parties. Get in touch with us and we will gladly help you in solving all your needs.

    Personal Chef Service

    Personal Chef Service in Ibiza, Catering Services . Services chefs at home in Ibiza Do you want to arrange a holiday home in a cozy atmosphere


    SERVICE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT IN IBIZA Looking after your property when you are here and away… Owning a second home in Ibiza is great… that is, until something goes wrong and you do not know about it… Enjoy the peace of mind that your valuable holiday home or investment property in Ibiza is well looked after. […]
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